• Riot police

      Dutch riot police against protestors. Builder: Jeroen van Dorst from the Netherlands
  • Whiskey Flat

    Old west real town of Whiskey Flat and Old Kernville in N scale center and HO Scale outer. Builder: Art Langer from United States
  • Fort Miles Army Post

      HO scale made it for my grandson Miles. Builder: Thomas Wiers from United States
  • The Village

      Layout called The Village.Working on it last couple months Top is 44"x72"x38" high Builder: Emer...
  • Day trip from Puerto Vallarta

    HO Scale Deck chair and umbrella set, Cafe interior and figures, Coastguard patrol boat (modified) ...
  • A Little Bit of "Yard" Work

    HO Scale 46" x 32" using Outland Models structures, accessories , figures and a lot of trains from a generous dono...
  • Old West

    HO using Outland Models wagons, figures, railroad hand car, etc Builder: Ken Rose from United States
  • Old West

    HO Scale Builder: R Woods from Canada
  • Zombie City

      Part of an ongoing project to build a fully modular post apocalyptic city for table top gaming in HO scale. Builder: Andrew Rauth from...