Customization Request

If you would like to make some change on our current products, or create something all new, you may send us a customization request, we will then review the details of your request and quote you a price.

To submit a customization request, please use below template and answer all questions, then send an e-mail to us at, our designer will get back to you as soon as possible.


==Start of the template==

Customization Request


1) Modification/New model?:

2) Name of the model:

3) Scale:

4) Size of the model:

5) How many pieces do you want?:

6) Do you request exclusive copyright?

7) Additional requests:

8) Please attach some pictures for reference

==End of the template==


Important note regarding customization

  • We choose material according to the size and details of the model you requested.
  • We do not do painting, you can request a color you want if we have material in that color.
  • Unlike our existing products, usually we will remove support structure and assemble parts for custom products, however we may not do so for a large quantity of similar product, or a product which is safer to be shipped in unassembled condition.