• Old West & National Parks

    Updated on 29th May 2023 Z Scale Crater Lake National Park, Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument and Tomstone...
  • A&B Pacific RR (Mod3)

    I mainly run transition era, USWestern railroads with a Southern California style, so many of your buildings fit both the older and new...
  • Santa Fe Pacific Subdivision

    N Scale 3'x6' railroad set in the 1970's. The signal tower is located in the small town of Enimor Valley. The construc...
  • ZosoRailway

    Z Scale begining Builder: James McKeveny from United States
  • Painting the damaged apartment

    Damaged Apartment 1:160 N Scale Builder: Leonardo from Italy
  • Bucolic Scotland Circa 1850

    N scale Builder: Marc Wilson from U.S.A.
  • Zombie City

      Part of an ongoing project to build a fully modular post apocalyptic city for table top gaming in HO scale. Builder: Andrew Rauth from...
  • Small Town USA

      N Scale, photo shows the corner bar which is two of Classic 2 Story Buildings together with an angular advertisement wall with lights ...
  • Phantom and Delusional Railway

    N Gauge layout built in modules. This module is about to be placed on the layout having had all the lighting effects installed. Builder:...
  • Joe's Custom Auto Garage

    1/64 Scale Not Finished yet  Builder: Joseph DiClaudio from United States
  • NYPD Station

    1/64 Scale Made to Horror Police Officers. I am Retired Law Enforcement myself. I take it to my local Car Cruise Nights, and the ...
  • Small town

    18 x 30 Z scale Downtown furnished by outland models Builder: Wilson Broughman from United States