Old West

HO using Outland Models wagons, figures, railroad hand car, etc
Builder: Ken Rose from United States


  • Yes, it’s getting more difficult to work the smaller gauges but my wife will shoot me if the layouts get any bigger.

  • So THAT’S what mine’s going to look like finished! :D (joking) Mine will be N scale, 1980ish-2000ish, basically a train ride on a steam locomotive “into the past!” (read: tourist trap, lol!) I wanted a train to come through “main st” but wasn’t sure… “would it look right?” If you understand what I mean. Thanks for posting! Through your hard work I can see that yes, it absolutely looks like it should be there, it would look “weird” if it wasn’t. THANK YOU for the inspiration!- Ken

  • Have you considered “O” scale ? There is an increasing interest in larger scales and the people in that scale spend more money than other scales. I have several of your HO kits, but as I get older that scale is harder to work with. Thank you

    William Duncan
  • How very kind. Thank you

  • wonderfull I am learning because I am also building a small wi;d west layout
    I think a lot of scratch building in case of the buildings.
    Greetings from the Netherlands

    Cor van Loon

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