A Little Bit of "Yard" Work

HO Scale 46" x 32" using Outland Models structures, accessories , figures and a lot of trains from a generous donor.
Builder: Ken Rose from U.S.A.

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  • Apparently a “commenter” missed the point, hence the diorama being called " A Little Bit Of “Yard” work ". Looks like they’re doing a pretty good job of cleaning up the “Yard” to me! Excellent detail, and paraphrasing another commenter , looks like the people are on a “mission” to getting the yard to look respectable again.

  • To much junk in one small space.

    Choo Choo Magoo
  • Incredible!

  • A beautifully detailed layout. The people always seem to make a difference, yours are not just standing around, they are doing things.

  • She is so talented. I am glad you still show her work. She must be a phenomenal woman, however; why do you men take so much credit for sneaking in her play house.

    LaTanya Washington