Know More about Customization

If you would like to make some change on our current products, or create something all new, you may send us a customization request, we will then review the details of your request and get back to you with a price.

Before submitting your form, please read below content to know more about how we handle a customization request and how much you will have to pay for it generally.


=== Fees we charge for customization ===

There are 3 types of fee we may charge for a customization order:

Design Fee

This fee will be charged if you would like to make a completely new model, or change the size of a current model to a scale which we currently don't offer.

For a new model, the fee depends on how complicated is the model you want, we need to see the pictures you provide and know the details of your request to determine this cost. If the order is big(for example: 100+ pcs), we may waive the design fee.

For change of scale/size, the fee is USD 10.

For request that ask for change of color, or picking one or two objects from a group, there will not be any design fee.

Printing Fee

This fee depends on how much material the model will use and how long the printing time is, usually when a model is larger, this fee will be higher.

You may find one product from our current stock with similar size, printing fee will be generally close to its price.


Just like all the usual order from this website, a shipping fee of USD 6 will be added in the checkout page of your order.



=== Processing time ===

New model

Design the 3D model will usually takes approx 1-2 weeks, then we will send you a digital preview, printing will take approx 1 week.

Change of scale/size

As we need to test it, this will usually takes approx a week before dispatching.

Change of color/pick one or more objects from a set

This is just like an usual order.


=== Important note regarding customization ===

  • Customization may not be possible due to material/equipment limitation.
  • We will suggest material/production method according to the size and details of the model you requested.
  • We do not do painting, you can request a color you want if we have material in that color.


If you have read above description and would like to submit a customization form, please click below button

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