• Seaside

    HO scale - In progress early 20th Century seaside community. HO scale - 30's urban setting Builder: Ken Rose from U.S.A.
  • Central city commuter district and industry spur

    It’s a freelanced n scale layout of any major midwestern cities railroad operations consisting of modern commuter operations and freight train ...
  • Making of some forklifts

    Builder: Jacques Thuot from Canada
  • Just for fun Unitram (Day & Night)

     Based on no where in particular and using items from multiple countries it is literally m...
  • Halland

    A freelance layout in Z scale, based on a simpler time in the old west. With small steam locomotives and simple towns. Builder: Gavin Ha...
  • Z Scale Layout in Progress

    Builder: Wayne from USA
  • In Development Z Gauge Layout From Scratch

    Adding lights to Outland models signals Yes you can do it. Step by step. Led smd led used. Do not have the soldering iron too hot. Drill out the si...
  • Unitram

    This is a Unitram City unit for our modular layout at the club. Builder: Frank B Fisk from USA
  • A Case of the Old West

    I don't have space for a permanent layout so I needed to make a compact design that can be put away. Acquiring the old wooden briefcase that...
  • “Covidville”

    (Additional picture added on 21st Aug 2020) Z scale, done during quarantine in New York City Builder: Kenneth Schneider from New York, USA
  • Georgetown, SC, riverfront

            N scale.. Georgetown is a quaint little town on the bank of the Sampit River where it runs into Winyah Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. My ...
  • Williamsberg and surrounding country side

    This N-scale layout was built for my grandchildren to enjoy. I used over a dozen Outland models to build my city and also added some of t...