• Greyhound Bus Depot

    The Modern City Roadside Convenience Store kitbashed into a bus depot. Builder: Lee O'Connor from the United States
  • Outlaw Cowboys

    Builder: Sid Richardson from Sacramento, CA, US
  • Chad, The Country

    3 towns, Mondou (cotton/dairy/cotton gin, canned milk), Sarh (textile plant/garment mfg.,, Fitri, Sahel/Saraha Desert border region...
  • Man in different scenes

    Builder: Justin Lockwood from U.S.A.
  • Japan Tram Layout

    n gauge tram layout in japan Builder: Alan Spence from United Kingdom
  • Straatbourg et Karlhausen

          FILM ON YOU TUBE - Welcome to a tiny, unknown corner of Alsace-Lorraine, in the North Eastern ...
  • Sheridan County

    Layout in N Scale Builder: Maureen Sheridan from Canada
  • Dragon Ball fighter unitram layout

    Formerly titled “Just for fun“ I’ve called it my Dragon ball fighter layout and placed giant figures around the city.Dragon bal...
  • Western Town & Wildlives

    Builder: Peter from Germany
  • Rural Village

    I built this a while ago as a young kid and had a ton of fun doing it. It took me about a year to complete and I thought I would share it with ...
  • Clock Tower Yard

    I've used a small station building as the goods yard office, and there are also 2 loading bay platforms (only 1 visible) and a small shed ...
  • Industrial District

    Outland buildings, with containers, trucks & misc. Builder: Bill Woyner