Hard-Tough Resin in Use

We received feedbacks from our customers that some small models are fragile/brittle, especially when cutting them from the support structure.

Started from May 2021, some of our models will be printed with a new type of resin, the 'hard-tough resin' which is much more tough than the normal resin, parts made of this resin will bend under pressure, rather than break, this will greatly improve the durability of tiny parts of our models.

As the cost of this resin almost doubles that of normal resin, for now we only use it on small items, for example, some detailed accessories and figures in Z and N scale. In our latest series 'Ghost Town', some items are made of this new material.

Outland Models will keep doing tests on new materials and do everything we can to improve the quality of our products.

If a part is received broken, or is broken when cutting it from support structure, or during assembly, please contact our customer support to get a free replacement.

Thank you very much for your support