New England Railroads

13 ft X 20 Ft modular, N Scale, modelling 1950 - 1970's, 3 mail lines plus a short line and a mountain/rural division, 4 freight yards, 15 industrial sidings, 3 passenger stations/terminals, DCC. Railroads represented: New Haven, Boston & Maine, Pennsy, Central Vermont. End of Steam to consolidation to Conrail/CSX. 2 round tables and round houses, 1 Diesel Servicing facility

Builder: Al Daggett from USA

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  • I am a member of NE NTRAK. Most of the modules were the original layout used for shows by this group for many years so a lot of the detail is from their efforts over many years. I was fortunate to receive them from Mr Fay C. of T TRAK who stored them for years. I had the space and desire to give these modules a new home, so it is a ‘rescue’ layout. All credit should go to NE NTRAK for creating and preserving them. Some were built back in the 1980’s!

    Al Daggett

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