• Winter Wonderland

    Z scale shadow box hangs on wall 30x24x3.5 Builder: William from USA
  • Hanging Layout

    Layout hanging from the ceiling, movable with an electronic winch. Set up with Kato gauge N Unitrack and Unitram tracks. 4-track oval w...
  • Pool Table Layout

    This is N scale, built on top of our pool table. Approximately 10 X 5 feet. It includes 21 Outland Models buildings, with room for...
  • Kaley Yard

    A twin deck layout linked by a helix, top deck representing Southern California and the lower deck representing Southern Florida. Bui...
  • Battle in the Ruined City of Neo Sortis

    N Scale tabletop Wargame using the ruined buildings and Bandais 30MM model kits. Check it out on my Youtube Channel: Aries Tab...
  • A Small Town surrounded by Railway

    A Small n gauge layout ( 5ftX 2ft.)I love the engine sheds - also easy to assembleThe signal box also great - a litle more difficultThe row ...
  • Greyhound Bus Depot

    The Modern City Roadside Convenience Store kitbashed into a bus depot. Builder: Lee O'Connor from the United States
  • Outlaw Cowboys

    Builder: Sid Richardson from Sacramento, CA, US
  • Chad, The Country

    3 towns, Mondou (cotton/dairy/cotton gin, canned milk), Sarh (textile plant/garment mfg.,, Fitri, Sahel/Saraha Desert border region...
  • Man in different scenes

    Builder: Justin Lockwood from U.S.A.
  • Japan Tram Layout

    n gauge tram layout in japan Builder: Alan Spence from United Kingdom
  • Straatbourg et Karlhausen

          FILM ON YOU TUBE - Welcome to a tiny, unknown corner of Alsace-Lorraine, in the North Eastern ...