Greyhound Bus Depot

The Modern City Roadside Convenience Store kitbashed into a bus depot.
Builder: Lee O'Connor from the United States

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  • All I have to say is WOOOW! This looks almost and I mean almost a dead ringer to the grey hound station in my home town! Never crossed my mind ( the train station did of course! ) but now I’m going to have to copy your bus terminal, if you don’t mind, and build my home town Grey Hound bus station! Going from college home and back, I know for sure I took the train more often ( bus always did the “milk run” and took four hours, the train was under two hours) but for sure I’m going to pay homage to my college town to home town grey hound. THANK YOU for the inspiration!

  • Raymond, the front part is the Outland Models Modern City Roadside Convenience Store in N scale. The back part with the bus bays is scratch built.

    Lee O'Connor
  • Looking for a building to use as a ski lodge. This building with two buildings with the bus depot in the center would be ideal. one side for rentals, ticketing etc, the other for restaurant, fireplace and restrooms. are these modules available in N gauge?

    Raymond E LaPlante
  • Very nicely done. Love your choice of colours and the way it has come together.

    Mel Kitson - Portugal
  • ] Uwicezize


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