A Case of the Old West

I don't have space for a permanent layout so I needed to make a compact design that can be put away. Acquiring the old wooden briefcase that had been up-cycled by a local charity set the dimensions for my track, which is HOe (1/87) narrow gauge scale. Outland wagons, figures and accessories really helped this project, started just after UK Covid lockdown commenced.

Builder: Bill Pinfold from England, UK

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  • Just starting to buy pieces for my husband who is doing an Old West scene in HO scale. He’s a devoted lover of anything old western, loves Gunsmoke, John Wayne films. He was mounted police after 20yrs in military. So I’m hoping this hobby will give him hours of delight. Your set up is just amazing!!God Bless

    MIchelle Parsons
  • Thanks for the kind message Paul.
    Ah, but who is watching the watchman?
    Cheers, Bill

    Bill Pinfold
  • Hi Bill, I love your briefcase-railroad!
    Amazing you build it in scale H0e!
    Are you a “watchman”, having the watchmaker next to the Citizen Bank? ;-)
    Nice practical joke!!
    Greetz, Paul

  • Many thanks for your kind comments, very much appreciated.

    Bill Pinfold
  • Simply stunning. Well done, Bill

    Bill Armstrong

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