• New Peeps on the Beat…New Outland Models figurines at TEAM64 Paddock

    Shared by Eric Kehr
  • ZosoRailway

    Z Scale begining Builder: James McKeveny from United States
  • Painting the damaged apartment

    Damaged Apartment 1:160 N Scale Builder: Leonardo from Italy
  • Bucolic Scotland Circa 1850

    N scale Builder: Marc Wilson from U.S.A.
  • Zombie City

      Part of an ongoing project to build a fully modular post apocalyptic city for table top gaming in HO scale. Builder: Andrew Rauth from...
  • Clearwater

    It just started as a trial for a larger Project in N scale. All houses, figurines, animals and other objects are f...
  • Downtown

    "N" Scale cityscape  Builder: Don Lamont from Australia
  • Christmas far west ( in progress )

    It goes under my Christmas tree , I’m not sure why I didn’t finish painting the horse , my locomotive doesn’t work so I’m adding some trai...
  • Farm (Montain)

      Scale: N orange farm, in the mountains of Brazil .. its original color came yellow, so I decided to paint it white, and brown tiles ....
  • Small Town USA

      N Scale, photo shows the corner bar which is two of Classic 2 Story Buildings together with an angular advertisement wall with lights ...
  • Phantom and Delusional Railway

    N Gauge layout built in modules. This module is about to be placed on the layout having had all the lighting effects installed. Builder:...
  • TEAM64 Paddock

    1:64 die-cast racing 4x8 paddock layout/photo diorama. Figures shown: Outland Rally Racing Crew Car: Hot Wheels Porsche 962, LEYTON HOUSE ...