• Grivich township

    Cut rate liquor store Builder: Randy Steward from United States
  • Coal ready to fill

    N scale Construction Worker Figure Set, Country Farm Tractor Set, Building Old West House, Coal Tipple, and Ore Mining Accessories: Cart Tr...
  • Gravel Pit Gorge

    Outland Models Signal Box/Tower mated with Coaling tower- gravel mining conveyor Builder: Tom from United States
  • Prospect - a colonial island

      Used the outland cattle shed as a station roof. Based in the 1970s on an island in the Caribbean under ...
  • Evangelion N-Trak Module

    N scale module used in a variety of local train setups. Scene depicts battle between Evangelion angels and human c...
  • Riot police

      Dutch riot police against protestors. Builder: Jeroen van Dorst from the Netherlands
  • Whiskey Flat

    Old west real town of Whiskey Flat and Old Kernville in N scale center and HO Scale outer. Builder: Art Langer from United States
  • The Tollkeeper's Cottage

    A reconstruction in Z scale for a local community historical group located in the actual 1830s building. Builder: David Wo...
  • Jerry's Used Cars

    Outland Models Car Dealership Builder: Stephen G. Roy from United States
  • County Life

    Moonshiners N-scale Pick-up Truck Set RE202B and Western set-Shed RC830C Builder: David Scheiner from United States
  • Fort Miles Army Post

    Updated on 7th June 2024 HO scale made it for my ...
  • The Village

      Layout called The Village.Working on it last couple months Top is 44"x72"x38" high Builder: Emer...