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Please press Ctrl+F or use the search function of your browser, and input the part number to look for the related documents of your kit. You may find your part number on the top (right below our brand name) of each product label.

We must apologize that these documents are not very detailed so that we don't call them 'instructions', they are just some simple guides for buyers, should you still have questions when assembling the kit please do not hesitate to contact our customer support.


Laser-cut Kits  
Part Number Assembly Reference
BB018 Download
BB030 Download
BB031 Download
BB032 Download
BB033 Download
BB034 Download
BB035 Download
BB036 Download
BB037 Download
BB038 Download
BB039 Download
BB063 Download
BB064 Download
BB065 Download
BB067 Download
BB069 Download
BB083 Download
BB084 Download
BB085 Download
BB087 Download
BB090 Download
BB091 Download
BB092 Download
BB095 Download
BB1502 Download
BB1504 Download
BB1505 Download
BB1506 Download
BB1507 Download
BB1508 Download
BB1509 Download
BB1510 Download
BB1511 Download
BB1512 Download
BB1513 Download
BB1514 Download
BB1522 Download
BB1523 Download
BB1524 Download
BB1525 Download
BB1526 Download
BB6401 Download
BB6403 Download
BB6404 Download
BB6405 Download
BB6406 Download
BB6407 Download
BB6408 Download
BB6411 Download
BB6422 Download
BB6423 Download
BB6424 Download
BB6425 Download
BB6426 Download
BB7202 Download
BB8701 Download
BB8702 Download
BB8704 Download
BB8705 Download


3D Printed Kits  
Part Number Brief Guide
BC551 Download
BC552 Download
BC554A Download
BC558A Download
BC600B Download
BC630B Download
BC801 Download
BC831 Download
BC851A_V2 Download
BC853A Download
BC853B Download
BK500A_V2 Download
BK501A Download
BK503 Download
BK504A Download
BK504B Download
BK504C Download
BK504D Download
BK504E Download
BK505A_V2 Download
BK505B_V2 Download
BK505C Download
BK530A Download
BK530B Download
BK530C Download
BK530D Download
BK530E Download
BK531A Download
BK533 Download
BK534A_V2 Download
BK535A_V2 Download
BK535B_V2 Download
BK535C Download
BK551A_V2 Download
BK551D Download
BK551E Download
BK564A Download
BK565A Download
BK565B Download
BK571A Download
BK571D Download
BK571E Download
BK600A Download
BK600B Download
BK600C Download
BK600D Download
BK601A_V2 Download
BK601B_V2 Download
BK602 Download
BK604A Download
BK604B Download
BK604C Download
BK604E Download
BK604F Download
BK605 Download
BK606 Download
BK612A Download
BK612B Download
BK612C Download
BK614C Download
BK620H Download
BK620L Download
BK620M Download
BK620N Download
BK625B Download
BK631A_V2 Download
BK631B_V2 Download
BK632A Download
BK632B Download
BK632C Download
BK632D Download
BK634A Download
BK634B Download
BK634C Download
BK634E Download
BK634F Download
BK636 Download
BK637H Download
BK637L Download
BK637M Download
BK637N Download
BK638 Download
BK641C Download
BK642B Download
BK643A Download
BK643B Download
BK643C Download
BK651A Download
BK651B Download
BK654A Download
BK654B Download
BK654C Download
BK654E Download
BK654F Download
BK657H Download
BK657L Download
BK657M Download
BK657N Download
BK660A Download
BK660B Download
BK660C Download
BK660D Download
BK661A Download
BK661B Download
BK661C Download
BK661D Download
BK662A Download
BK662B Download
BK662C Download
BK662D Download
BK671A Download
BK671B Download
BK702AB Download
BK702C Download
BK703 Download
BK708 Download
BK709 Download
BK711 Download
BK711A_V2 Download
BK711B_V2 Download
BK713A Download
BK713B Download
BK730AB Download
BK730C Download
BK733 Download
BK734 Download
BK737 Download
BK737A_V2 Download
BK737B_V2 Download
BK740A Download
BK740B Download
BK750 Download
BK751A Download
BK751B Download
BK757A Download
BK757B Download
BK777A Download
BK777B Download
BK800A Download
BK800B Download
BK800C Download
BK801A_V2 Download
BK801B Download
BK801B_V2 Download
BK802A Download
BK809A Download
BK830A Download
BK830B Download
BK830C Download
BK834A Download
BK835A_V2 Download
BK835B Download
BK835B_V2 Download
BK839A Download
BK850 Download
BK850F Download
BK851A Download
BK851B Download
BK851C Download
BK851C_V2 Download
BK852E Download
BK855A Download
BK870F Download
BK871C_V2 Download
BK872E Download
BK875A Download
CB101A Download
CB101B Download
CB101C Download
CB101D Download
CC001A Download
CC101C Download
MB841A Download
MB841B Download
MB841C Download
MB841F Download
MB841G Download
MB841H Download
MB841J Download
MB841K Download
MC874A Download
MV002A Download
RC501A Download
RC531A Download
RC550A Download
RC551A Download
RC551B Download
RC600A Download
RC600C Download
RC600D Download
RC600E Download
RC600H Download
RC600M Download
RC601A Download
RC601D Download
RC604A Download
RC604B Download
RC604C Download
RC606A Download
RC630A Download
RC630C Download
RC630D Download
RC630E Download
RC630H Download
RC630M Download
RC631A Download
RC631D Download
RC634A Download
RC634B Download
RC634C Download
RC636A Download
RC650A Download
RC650B Download
RC650C Download
RC650D Download
RC650F Download
RC650G Download
RC650M Download
RC651A Download
RC651D Download
RC654A Download
RC654B Download
RC654C Download
RC656A Download
RC671D Download
RC676A Download
RC703A Download
RC703B Download
RC705B Download
RC705E Download
RC706A Download
RC706B Download
RC706C Download
RC706X Download
RC733A Download
RC733B Download
RC735B Download
RC735E Download
RC736A Download
RC736B Download
RC736C Download
RC736X Download
RC753B Download
RC800A Download
RC800B Download
RC800C Download
RC800D Download
RC800E Download
RC800F Download
RC800X Download
RC801A Download
RC801B Download
RC801C Download
RC801D Download
RC801E Download
RC804A Download
RC804A_V2 Download
RC830A Download
RC830B Download
RC830C Download
RC830D Download
RC830E Download
RC830F Download
RC830X Download
RC831A Download
RC831B Download
RC831C Download
RC831D Download
RC831E Download
RC834A Download
RC834A_V2 Download
RC850F Download
RC851A Download
RC851B Download
RC851C Download
RC851C_V2 Download
RC851D Download
RC851E Download
RC854A Download
RC854A_V2 Download
RC874A Download
RC874A_V2 Download
RC894A Download
RE101A Download
RE101B Download
RE101C Download
RE101D Download
RE101J Download
RE101K Download
RE101M Download
RE101P Download
RE101R Download
RE103A Download
RE103B Download
RE107A Download
RE110A Download
RE110B Download
RE114D Download
RE114E Download
RE114F Download
RE120A Download
RE120B Download
RE120C Download
RE120D Download
RE120E Download
RE120F Download
RE120G Download
RE201A Download
RE201B Download
RE201C Download
RE201D Download
RE201J Download
RE201K Download
RE201M Download
RE201P Download
RE201R Download
RE203A Download
RE203B Download
RE205A Download
RE207A Download
RE210A Download
RE210B Download
RE214D Download
RE214E Download
RE214F Download
RE220A Download
RE220B Download
RE220C Download
RE220D Download
RE220E Download
RE220F Download
RE220G Download
RE301A Download
RE301F Download
RE301G Download
RE301H Download
RE301J Download
RE301M Download
RE301P Download
RE301R Download
RE304A Download
RE305A Download
RE306A Download
RE306B Download
RE307A Download
RE308A Download
RE308B Download
RE308C Download
RE308D Download
RE308E Download
RE308F Download
RE308G Download
RE308H Download
RE314D Download
RE314E Download
RE314F Download
RE320A_V2 Download
RE320B_V2 Download
RE320C_V2 Download
RE320D Download
RE320E Download
RE320F Download
RE320G Download
RE320H Download
RE320J Download
RE320K Download
RE320L Download
RE320M Download
RE401P Download
RE401R Download
RE405A Download
RE414D Download
RE414E Download
RE414F Download
RE420A Download
RE420B Download
RE420C Download
RE420D Download
RE420E Download
RE420F Download
RE420G Download
RE420H Download
RE420J Download
RE420K Download
RE420L Download
RE420M Download
RK502A Download
RK502B Download
RK513X Download
RK532A Download
RK532B Download
RK536X Download
RK600A Download
RK600B Download
RK603A Download
RK603C Download
RK603D Download
RK603E Download
RK604A Download
RK608A Download
RK608B Download
RK608C Download
RK608D Download
RK608E Download
RK608F Download
RK608H Download
RK610A Download
RK610B Download
RK630A Download
RK630B Download
RK633C Download
RK633D Download
RK633E Download
RK634A Download
RK636A Download
RK638A Download
RK638B Download
RK638C Download
RK638D Download
RK638E Download
RK638F Download
RK638G Download
RK638H Download
RK638J Download
RK638K Download
RK647A Download
RK647B Download
RK653A Download
RK653B Download
RK653C Download
RK653D Download
RK653E Download
RK673A Download
RK673B Download
RK673C Download
RK673D Download
RK673E Download
RK673F Download
RK701A Download
RK702A Download
RK702B Download
RK702C Download
RK702D Download
RK702E Download
RK702F Download
RK702X Download
RK703A Download
RK704D Download
RK706A Download
RK706B Download
RK708B Download
RK731A Download
RK732A Download
RK732B Download
RK732C Download
RK732D Download
RK732E Download
RK732F Download
RK732X Download
RK733A Download
RK734D Download
RK736A Download
RK736B Download
RK738B Download
RK766A Download
RK801A Download
RK803A Download
RK833A Download
RP500A Download
RP501A Download
RP530A Download
RP531A Download
RP550A Download
RP551A Download
RP601B Download
RP601B_V2 Download
RP601D Download
RP601D_V2 Download
RP602A Download
RP603A Download
RP604B Download
RP605A Download
RP605B Download
RP605C Download
RP605D Download
RP605E Download
RP631B Download
RP631B_V2 Download
RP631D Download
RP631D_V2 Download
RP632A Download
RP633A Download
RP634B Download
RP635A Download
RP635B Download
RP635C Download
RP635D Download
RP635E Download
RP651B Download
RP651B_V2 Download
RP651C Download
RP651D Download
RP651D_V2 Download
RP652A Download
RP653A Download
RP654B Download
RP655A Download
RP655B Download
RP655C Download
RP655D Download
RP655E Download
RP671B Download
RP671B_V2 Download
RP671C Download
RP671D Download
RP671D_V2 Download
RP673A Download
RP675A Download
RP675B Download
RP675C Download
RP675D Download
RP675E Download
RP691B Download
RP691C Download
RP691D Download
RP701A Download
RP701B Download
RP731A Download
RP731B Download
RP751A Download
RP751B Download
RP800A Download
RP800B Download
RP800C Download
RP800D Download
RP801B Download
RP802A Download
RP802B Download
RP802C Download
RP830A Download
RP830B Download
RP830C Download
RP830D Download
RP831A Download
RP831B Download
RP832A Download
RP832B Download
RP832C Download
RP850A Download
RP850B Download
RP850C Download
RP850D Download
RP851A Download
RP851B Download
RP852A Download
RP852B Download
RP852C Download
RP871A Download
RP871B Download
RP872B Download
RP872C Download
RP891A Download
RP891B Download
WMB201A Download
WMB201B Download
WWB201B Download
WMP201A Download
WMP201B Download
WMX201A Download
WMX201B Download
WWX201A Download