Z Scale Briefcase for All Seasons

Three alternating scenes on removable wood strips and interchangeable backdrops inside the lid of a z-scale briefcase train: Farm scene, wild west and factory town Main Street. Scenes can be illuminated using mini battery-run lights [battery and swtich mounts under the thin wooden scene bases].
Builder: John J Agria from United States


  • Slick idea how did u fasten it all down? And how portable is it or was it just made to be stationary?

  • This is such a great idea! Now I have inspiration for using that old, vintage suitcase from my parents’ attic that I’ve been hanging on to.

    Catherine K
  • Why have just one when you can have three?!

  • Very clever John. Your concept is versatile and unique. While I’ve seen the briefcase idea, the variation in background and structure scenes makes a difference! Nice detail and blending with your background photos.

    Bob Bloss

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