NYPD Station

1/64 Scale Made to Horror Police Officers. I am Retired Law Enforcement myself. I take it to my local Car Cruise Nights, and the people love it.
 Builder: Joseph DiClaudio from United States


  • Can I ask where you purchased the plastic brick walls from? looking to make something similar

    John Schroeder
  • Joseph, I think you should write an article about your endeavors here and submit it to Railroad Model Craftsman magazine (editor@rrmodelcraftsman.com). They are always interested in models like yours.
    Walt Huston, Editor, N-Scale Magazine

    Walt Huston
  • I you look at some of the cars, I made my own personal touches. The Dodge Ram Tow Truck in the yard started as just a white tow truck. The three patrol cruisers on the street numbers are my sons and myself birth years (2007 2011 1972). The motorcycle on the trailer started off red & grey. Thank you so much for enjoying my 1/64 S scale. More to come in the future. A FDNY station, a camping site, military base, Big Foot (monster truck) garage, and a drag strip.

    Joseph DiClaudio
  • this model good great I love it i’m a retired detective myself and its a wonderful job done I love to find all this police cars in n-scale and i make a big layout station toop.

    Harry Leifer
  • outstanding looks GREAT !!!!!!!!!!

    Brian DeMoranville

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