A Case of the Old West

I don't have space for a permanent layout so I needed to make a compact design that can be put away. Acquiring the old wooden briefcase that had been up-cycled by a local charity set the dimensions for my track, which is HOe (1/87) narrow gauge scale. Outland wagons, figures and accessories really helped this project, started just after UK Covid lockdown commenced.

Builder: Bill Pinfold from England, UK


  • Thanks for the kind message Paul.
    Ah, but who is watching the watchman?
    Cheers, Bill

    Bill Pinfold
  • Hi Bill, I love your briefcase-railroad!
    Amazing you build it in scale H0e!
    Are you a “watchman”, having the watchmaker next to the Citizen Bank? ;-)
    Nice practical joke!!
    Greetz, Paul

  • Many thanks for your kind comments, very much appreciated.

    Bill Pinfold
  • Simply stunning. Well done, Bill

    Bill Armstrong
  • The scale is remarkably small. AMAZING is an understatement. My fingers are not excessively large, such as those seen on farmers and other heavy work labourers, but I could never hold such small pieces. Congratulations on a wonderful achievement, Bill.

    Frank Korvemaker

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