St. Cuthbert Branch

I was looking to experiment with 3D printed models for my new build – a UK-themed layout – as most of the kits I was eyeing were either too large, made of card, or both. The Outland Models station proved perfect for this purpose – and the low, ground-level platform may soon provide an excuse to run GWR autocoaches, which had retractable steps to reach low or non-existent platforms. Soon enough, I decided to go all out and buy myself a few kits, and I will say they have served me rather well - even if not for their intended purpose. I got the name of this fictitious branch line from the fact that the church was near the lake, evoking St Cuthbert praying by the North Sea.
Builder: John Jin from Singapore

4 条评论

  • This is amazing!!

    Devon Kelley
  • I really enjoyed viewing your layout. It shows what can be done in a small space.

    William Ruth
  • Very nice layout! The buildings are nicely done and you have achieved nice detail on the people!

    Simon Blake
  • I live in Australia can you post here I have Z model railway and I find it hard tofind houses to suit Allan

    allan bahr