Bucolic Scotland Circa 1850

N scale
Builder: Marc Wilson from U.S.A.


  • Thank you all for your kind comments.

  • Breathtaking! It really gives you a sense of being there. The attention to detail was done with love it appears

    Jeff P
  • What a brilliant work of art! I get a sense of being swept back in time to a place where life was so much simpler. Congratulations to Mr. Wilson for creating this masterpiece.

  • This is fantastic. I love the ivy crawling all over the building.

  • Wow! That is fantastic! I’m finally workin on a OO9 layout, 2 feet square, gonna be a while before I get half that good! Mine is somewhere in Wales! You ever hear of Avebury? Mine is much smaller, so Avbry! Similar though! But after that, I will be in Salem, NJ, in 1862, in N scale. Again, I hope I can do half as good!

    Steve Storicks