Sales Channel Update - Amazon & AliExpress

Amazon Europe channel closed

After years of good selling record and high seller standard maintained, the Amazon Europe team suddently deactivated our selling account because they 'cannot verify' our information for a reason we do not know and they do not explain. We are sorry that we will no longer run our store on all european sites of Amazon.

Our stores on Amazon US and Amazon AU are still running well and not affected.

Buyers in the Europe can still buy from our official store and eBay store.

Amazon Japan channel opened

We are pleased to announce that we have launched our store on Amazon Japan site, which offers our products with Japanese language and currency. Our official seller account name on the Amazon Japan site is: Outland Models Japan Store.

AliExpress channel will open at the end of August

AliExpress( is an international marketplace run by the well-known internet giant Alibaba group. We will launched our store on AliExpress at the end of August.