Santa Fe Pacific Subdivision

N Scale 3'x6' railroad set in the 1970's. The signal tower is located in the small town of Enimor Valley. The construction of the layout is described in a 2-part article in N-Scale Magazine in 2016. Since a layout is never finished, the signal tower was recently added to the small yard.
Builder: Dennis Romine from the Untied States

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  • Dennis, are you ready to write an article on this layout? I think our readers would be interested. Walt Huston, Editor, N-Scale Magazine.

    Walt Huston
  • I agree with Zachary Lawrence comment. We need affordable subdivision houses. Three or four varieties would be great.

  • No one makes inexpensive suburban house kits. If you want to model a small subdivision of ten or so houses it will cost hundreds of dollars unless you scratch build them. As they would be used as scenery “fill” they do not have to be very detailed. And as you would be modeling a subdivision you would only need three or four different styles. I think a lot of n scale modelers would snap them up.

    Zachary Lawrence

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